Skin is dynamic. It is constantly turning over –  sloughing off the old skin and making room for the newly generated skin. It is a natural physiologic function that everyone’s skin performs.

As you age, this process dramatically slows down and becomes much less efficient – going from a 24-28 day turnover in youth, to 38 days plus plus regenerating cycle.

As the skin’s ability to regenerate and exfoliate becomes less efficient,  dead skin starts to accumulate at the surface of the skin and collagen production slows down. The end result is skin that looks dull, lifeless with diminishing youthful firmness and glow; skin texture starts to become rough; skin tone can become very uneven.


Skin’s cellular regeneration starts at its deepest layer, the dermis.  As the days and weeks go by, the newly generated skin cells work their way up to the surface of the skin where they die and slough off.  As well, as skin cells move upward towards the surface of the skin, they become filled with a glue-like substance that finally dissolves when they reach the surface.

With age, this intra-cellular glue that binds skin cells together, thickens. Adding insult to the fact that the body becomes much less efficient at dissolving the intracellular glue-like substance. As a result, skin cells start to accumulate causing the skin to thicken.  The end result is dull, thick, lifeless skin with a rough textured look with uneven skin tone.

Of course this process also is heavily influence by genetics, hormones, environmental insult (pollution and climate, sun exposure), external and internal nutrition.


This is why it is so important no matter where you live, to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Deeper exfoliating treatments such as my Reverse-It facial treatment, are a very effective solution.

Exfoliating treatments slow down skin’s aging process  drastically improving its appearance, texture, tone, glow and certainly health.  Just as importance, is exfoliating improves skin’s ability to take in nourishment, hydration and its ability to utelize suncreen to its fullest extent.

It is essential to go in when natural exfoliation slows down, and manually and/or mechanically and/or chemically help your skin shed its dead skin cells.

By eliminating the buildup of dead skin at the surface of the skin, regeneration of new skin cells is stimulated. This process results in an improved appearance, texture, tone, and health of the skin.