Brazilian Wax

We specialize in and only use the sugaring method for all of our bikini to Brazilian waxing.


Bikini Plus



  • CENTURIES OLD ART: Sugaring is a method that has been used for centuries.
  • SUPERIOR: It is superior to other methods of Brazilian waxing.
  • INCREASED SANITATION: NO double dipping – Ever.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: The sugar used is completely natural chemical free substance.
  • Though it still stings, sugaring is generally considered a less painful hair removal by many women.
  • It can last longer because the pubic hair is pulled out in the same direction of the hair growth instead of the hot wax method of removal of pulling hair out against the hair growth direction. This translates to less hair breakage.
  • Sugar used is never hot (room temperature always). This means your skin will never burn and scab.
  • Less irritation because it is a gentler method– Pubic hair is always removed in the same directions as the growth instead of the usual waxing method of against hair growth.
  • More Sanitary then hot waxes (no double dipping).


What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax (also referred to as a Hollywood Wax or Acomoclitic {everything}) is the removal of most to all of your pubic hair – including the hair around the very sensitive skin of the inner labia and anus.

Brazilian waxes are not all or nothing. There is flexibility with Brazilians in regards to how much or little hair is removed. The following are styles that are offered at Longmont Skincare Specialist.

The following Brazilian shapes are available at Longmont Skincare Specialist: